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Enter your info here, and I'll transfer your NFT to you!!

(Instructions for opening an account at OpenSea are below!)

instructions for creating a "WALLET" with OpenSea

1. Navigate to

2. Click Login in the upper right corner of the site.

3. Input your email address in the Continue with email field to create an account using an email address.

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4. Next, click Sign up and Create Wallet.

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5. Your one-time code is in your email. (Remember your spam folder!)

6. Enter your one-time code.

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7. Next, set up a two-factor verification option to help authenticate and protect your account.

8. On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to accept the OpenSea Terms of Service.

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…Once you’ve entered your Wallet Address in the form above, I’ll transfer your NFT to your wallet. Then you own the NFT!

(This is what my screen’ll look like.)

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